Studio News

Summer 2018

The summer weather is here and it has been beautifully hot. Remembrances of last July when most days were cool and rainy still are firmly in my mind and these gorgeous days are much appreciated. With the warmer weather, the gardens and forests bring out their best. Recently while working under our spruce tree I found a turtle returning from the ponds. She has been noticed wandering all around our property and we have been carful to avoid her on the driveway. It is a good Samaritan’s job in Haliburton County to help the turtles cross the road. They are on the move to find the best location to lay their eggs. Last evening while in our garden a family of deer wandered though. They were so tame that they came right up to us and felt free to nibble on the growing peas. They didn’t even mind when I chastised them.  These are all great opportunities for artist to draw, sculpt  and paint.

The artists in Haliburton County continue with their work in producing lovely items for sale and display. Sometimes, however, it is time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The potters in the County, with the encouragement Rene Woltz, frequently get together to talk about their art, discuss some best practices and appreciate the newest pieces. Most recently, we were invited by Yael Novak to visit her Studio and Gallery, Pottery Lane on Osprey Road.  It was so interesting to hear about her process in creating her work and how one idea led to another to inspire her work.  After visiting her gallery she invited us on a short boat trip on Soyer’s Lake to her wonderful island for a pot luck lunch. Such a terrific way to spend an afternoon appreciating a fellow colleague’s work and enjoying the camaraderie of like minded potters. We are so lucky to be working in such a remarkable place.

Many artists have their doors open during the summer for visitors who are looking for unique items designed by creative minds. The Tour de Forest occurs on the August long weekend and provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors and residents alike to tour the studios. At Studio Rose, Wayne has been experimenting with a new design in large bowls. They are lovely and very unusual. The metal shop is now functional and a new dragon fire pit is under way as part of a new commission. I urge you to take some time to visit, enjoy the drive and the interesting work.

Spring 2018

Spring is finally here and everything is beginning to burst into bloom. The spring flowers are popping up from the ground and the wildlife is emerging and yes, beginning to eat the few plants that are brave enough to emerge. After the final ice storm in Haliburton County, we are noticing a turn to warmer weather and recently quite a turn to hot weather. With all this nature activity the artists in our region are also turning their minds to creating new items for the prospective shoppers.

One such group are the artists of the Haliburton Studio Tour. This year Sophie Creelman is opening her own studio on the tour on Industrial Park Road. You might have been able to see her work at the Rails End Gallery. She is a wonderful painter. Unfortunately, the Tour has lost four wonderful artists: Rickie Woods is selling her home and moving closer to her daughter where she will resumer her art on a smaller scale. Rickie was one of the founders of the Tour and she will be sorely missed. Also leaving are Michael and Susan Butz, jewellers and woodworkers, and Laura Trach, wall and wearable art. We will miss them.

The Studio Tour brochures have been delivered and the dynamic duo, Jeffrey Ellis and Wayne Rose completed their job on a motorcycle ride. Many of the studios are open for you to explore. You can pick up a Studio Tour brochure in many of the local businesses, art galleries, municipal and provincial buildings. There you will also find the Art Council brochure which list some of the same artists but also a number of other artists and activities. Give is a call and let us welcome you into our galleries and introduce you to what is new this year.