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Tiffany Howe - How(e) Creative

Mixed Media Painter

Artist Statement/Bio:

How(e) Creative Studio is a recently converted, original "tar paper shack" from Haliburton's historic logging days. It is nestled beside the Redstone River and is now a cozy space where Tiffany can create year round.

An eclectic collector/treasure hunter/artist; Tiffany’s work combines acrylic collage techniques with methods taken from textile appliqué and art quilting. Texture, luminosity, and the exploration of recycled materials are prevalent themes in her paintings. She uses collage and assemblage to formulate her collections of treasures into mixed media paintings, 3-dimensional pieces, and wearable or functional items. Left over remnants of her textile work and sculpture often find their way into collages, and vice versa.

She strives to avoid burdening the earth with excessive use of new materials. Her pieces use many up-cycled, vintage, and re-purposed materials. Tiffany is acutely aware of environmental issues and ecology, and is passionate about and intrigued by the natural world. She aims to communicate through creative expression the importance of the subtleties and intricacies of nature; it’s details, elements and creatures, or the emotion in a far away silhouette. She demonstrates this in an abstracted, romanticized, or dream-like manner. These concepts and techniques are her attempt at showing the connections and contrasts between living organisms and man-made things, abstract and realism, and how they are joined together. She is interested in the juxtaposition of nature, often birds, in surreal or urban feeling spaces. Some people, when viewing these works, see the textured areas surrounding the birds as nests, landscapes or something else. It makes her smile when viewers introduce her to things she didn’t see in her own pieces.

Her work is now sought after by local and foreign gallery/tour patrons and is in collections in South America, The U.S.A., Germany, Australia, and across Canada.

Studio Open year round by appointment. Please call to make sure someone is home if you would like to visit outside of Studio Tour dates and times.

e-mail: howecreative@hotmail.com
website: www.howecreative.ca

Location: 1048 Redstone Lk. Rd, Haliburton
Directions: Just off County. Rd. 7.  1st driveway on the right on Redstone Lk. Rd.

(8.6 km North of West Guilford - from the junction of County. Rd. 7 & Hwy. 118)

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