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Laura Trach - Orange Cat Studio

Textile Art

Welcome to Orange Cat Studio, here you will find Laura Trach’s exquisitely detailed artwork produced from wool fibres and thread. The fibre are layered up and then felted together using barbed needles to construct a soft inviting background that draws your eye into the picture, next  the foreground detail is stitched in using free motion embroidery. These and other textile materials combine to form art pieces that are warm and engaging. Laura’s work is mainly framed without glass so as not to distort the three dimensionality of the work, however it is easy to care for (just dust)

Laura also designs clothing. All of her patterns are custom drafted to produce unique one of a kind garments, often using found materials in some unusual fashion. Laura also has a few favourite styles of tops and bottoms that are made from interesting fabrics. Other fashion accessories are also available.

1153 Dennison Road, Minden
Directions: Located only 1km from Hwy 35, off the north end of Horseshoe Lake Road at 1153 Dennison Road. Watch for the studio sign on the left side of Dennison Road.

e-mail: info@orangecatstudio.com
website: www.orangecatstudio.com


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